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ThrivePHX is a community-oriented non-profit membership platform that empowers better connection, education, and communication to propel and align the greater Phoenix area’s startups and entrepreneurs

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What is ThrivePHX?

A community platform to connect all PHX entrepreneurs, ThrivePHX is a movement built on the core belief that when thinkers, starters and ideators connect everyone thrives.

Our membership platform provides these connection points through a variety of events and tools including conferences, workshops, pitch competitions, mixers, and roundtables, with a goal of supporting the greater good of our ecosystem through connection.

Partnering & Connecting

Serve as a hub for community events, creating shared marketing.

Driving Communication

Create opportunities for conversations around our ecosystem, aligning us to a mission/cause that represents Arizona. 

Supporting Growth

Spearhead networking and learning.

Focus Pillars

ThrivePHX links Phoenix’s entrepreneurial community.


We highlight the generosity of the community by creating opportunities to give and to receive.

Recruiting & Growth

We grow the startup community through events and by creating community. And we’re always looking for people to get involved.

Supporting well-rounded Entrepreneurs

We support entrepreneurs who have what it takes to stand up a company, and we nurture those who aren’t quite there yet.

Community Alignment

We take leadership in bringing all stakeholders into alignment around building the Phoenix startup community.


ThrivePHX is a community-oriented, non-profit membership platform that empowers better connection, education, and communication to propel and align the greater Phoenix area’s startups and entrepreneurs.


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PHX StartupWeek

Annually in Spring

Happy Hour / Workshop


Pitch Competition

 Annually in Fall ( Partnership)


Community Roundtable


Community Giveback (Volunteering)

 Each event


What we’ve heard:

  • Our community wants to be connected & enjoy the vibe of our events.
  • There are many different versions of similar events, results in low ROI for participants and organizers.
  • We are passionate about addressing and solving for community continuity through communication and connection!
  • PHX is Generous! There is a large desire to be involved and give back, but it’s not always clear how to go about doing so.
  • Businesses want to sponsor and participate, however, grassroots nature of events make it difficult to know how to get in touch, when things are happening and how to support.
  • Many organizations and events need support in communication and facilitation around community focused programs.

Types of Membership

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$100 – $500


$500 – $5,000


$5,000 – $50,000

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Sister Organizations

PHX metro area is the most generous startup community on the planet. The evidence? All the support we have from our members. Seems everyone wants to give back. Speaking of giving back, you’ll often find these two groups co-mingled with ours.

Our community hashtag. Enables a digital connection through a Slack channel and social media channels – Join today!
Focused on empowering the next generation of Arizona entrepreneurs through connection, support and learning.